We celebrate the  of Salsa Spring Festival and we invite you to live a unique experience !!!


4 days with special guests from all over the world


70 workshops with top international and the best local artists


6 non-stop night parties pool parties


4 nights with amazing shows


2 days with “Gates to the future”


The Qualifiers of Euroson Latino !


The Salsa Spring Dance Cup !


We have it all !!!

Don’t miss it and be part of the history!!!








Get your chance!

Welcome to Euroson Latino Qualifiers and Salsa Spring Dance Cup!

Choose among over 10 divisions in each competition and get in the battle!

Please read carefully our doc with all details about the divisions, the terms, the regulations and also participation fee.

To submit your participation in Euroson Latino Qualifiers send email to euroson.greece@hotmail.com and to submit your participation in Salsa Spring Dance Cup, send email to ssdc.greece@hotmail.com





Club Casino Loutraki Conference Center



The award winning, illustrious 5 * Club Hotel Casino Loutraki opens its doors on Thurday 24 May 2018 to welcome the biggest Salsa Festival in Greece!

Enjoy 3 magical days and nights in the exquisite areas of CHCL!

Pools, fountains and artificial streams alternate harmoniously, creating a dramatic backdrop to the gardens and a ready status for Sundays pool party! The outdoor pools are almost joined with the sea, offering a unique image for you to enjoy, while sunbathing.


  • The Hotels surroundings, idyllic and full of color with 60000 seasonal flowers along with centenarian palms, 100 year old olives and citrus trees that create a refreshing atmosphere on the gardens.

  • A 50sqm stage will host the SSF show collection!

  • We have selected the best instructors and hotel halls for your workshops!

  • Within the Hotel, at the Lucky Shop store you will be able to find magazines, tobacco, cosmetics and gifts.

  • For those who choose to stay at the CHCL, SPA and GYM access is free of charge.

  • If weather permits, there will be Water Sports too!

  • For all our Saleros joining with their kids, the Loutraki Pirates Club will be able to keep them busy for all the time you need to dance (in consultation with the hotel).

  • 900 Underground parking spaces. The biggest Casino in Greece is available for you to try your luck! (for participants over 18years of age)

  • Juts one hour from the center of Athens (82Km) and 13minutes from the Korinth Suburban railroad station (7Km).

  • Is there a better place for your to live the experience that listens to the name Salsa Spring Festival?!?!





Salsa Spring Festival Schedule is on air!

Download the festival schedule !



Ready to book your seat in one of our express shuttle buses from Athens International Airport or Athens City Center to Loutraki  and return?








About Salsa Spring Dance Prod



We welcome you to our community, The Club of Friends of Latin American Music and Dance, Salsa Spring Dance Prod.


The purpose of our club is:

1.  the spreading of the musical and dance culture and tradition of Latin American countries

2. the cultivation of friendships, collaborations and solidarity among its members and among everyone who enjoys the music and dances of Latin America

3. the education of its members on the topics of music and dance of Latin American countries


We would like to invite you to share our passion and love for the music and dance culture of Latin America.


In order to be a member of our club, please:

– read the terms referring to the articles of association of the club, 

– download and fill in the Members Application Form 

– send us a signed copy to info@salsaspring.gr

Contact Us

Please let us know how we can help, we look forward to see you on the best salsa festival of the year!