12th Salsa Spring Festival

12th Salsa Spring Festival | 18-21 May 2023

Welcome to the Salsa Spring World ! Welcome to Greece !

4 days with top international and local artists in the luxury 5 stars Club Hotel Casino Loutraki, just 1 hour from Athens City Center.
In few lines ?

  • 4 days with special guests from all over the world
  • 80 workshops with top international and the best local artists
  • 6 non-stop night parties and pool parties
  • 4 nights with amazing shows
  • The Salsa Spring Dance Championship

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Our Artists & Performers


Salsa Spring Festival Schedule

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Our Djs


Dj Willy 'the Viper'

Dj Oj

Dj Oj

Dj- Mauri-Chile

Dj Mauri (Chile)

Dj Nikos (Greece)

Dj Nikos (Greece)


Estelio ``El Social`` (Greece)

Dj Stathis (Greece)

Dj Stathis (Greece)


Dj Panos


Dj Isaia (Italy)

Dj Eirini Kountouraki

Dj Eirini Kountouraki (Greece)


Dj Juan Antonio (Greece)


Dj Neri


Dj Kostas Stamos

DJ George

Dj George

Our Venue

The award winning, illustrious 5 * Club Hotel Casino Loutraki opens its doors on Thursday 18 May 2023 to welcome the biggest Salsa Festival in Greece! Enjoy 3 magical days and nights in the exquisite areas of CHCL!

Pools, fountains and artificial streams alternate harmoniously, creating a dramatic backdrop to the gardens and a ready status for Sundays pool party! The outdoor pools are almost joined with the sea, offering a unique image for you to enjoy, while sunbathing.


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