Humanity is facing a global threat. In these rough times we re-calculating life itself. With the knoledge of our past ,we face couragiously our present for a better future. An unknown future that has us all concerned. In our process to over come our problems, we will come out stronger and wiser! We can only go forth by adapting , improvising and overcoming anything that is set in our way. Salsa Spring Festival has always looked forth to evolution. Evaluating every year’s outcome and coming up with new ideas to improve our amenities. With that being said , Salsa Spring Festival would like to announce the addition of a -Medical Crew- in its family.
A 24/7 health care provider for the Salsa Spring Festival participants. Combining quality with safety, creating a better festival experience for its dancers. You can reach them all year around via online in the official Salsa Spring Festival page. During the festival days you will find them, in our facilities, ready to assist you.